MRI Results, Labs, and New MRI Scheduled

Well, the good news is I do not have MS nor do I have Lyme Disease. I am pre diabetic, have high cholesterol, and degenerative disk issues found in my lower back. It seems I have a multi diagnosis for the pain that I am in. An MRI of my back is in the works for approval and a referral for an Orthopedic consult. It appears my back is pretty jacked up. Maybe that’s part of my pain. I don’t know. We will wait and see where that takes us. I’ll keep you posted.

The insomnia is back with a vengeance in the last two weeks and I’ve only slept 4 out of 7 days on average these two weeks. Tonight, or should I say this morning I found a great pain, symptom, activities, meals, fluids, and medications template from a blog.  It tracks my daily symptoms and is very in depth. I will need this tool with the cold weather starting to kick in here in the mountains. I’m actually excited to print the forms and really take a look at my overall activities, stressors, and weather and how it all ties together. I used to do a daily log but stopped because I got tired of writing the same things. My goal is to do this every day for at least 3 months and then to set another goal after that. The blog is called Desire to Heal and is written by Tamara Staples. I found her blog on Pinterest, look her up because she has some great posts. She is a talented writer. Writing for me is more cathartic than anything and my skills as a blogger leave a lot to be desired. It is a good way for me to move past things and keep on going when it’s tough. I’m ok with that and will continue to write. It gives me joy to get all that “stuff” out of my head and on “paper”. It’s like letting it go and giving it to God. I do that a lot. Just give it all to God to handle and then I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I was denied once again for disability, and I have been in a big flare since I received the letter in the mail. It’s beyond ridiculous at 51 years old, and really disabled, why I would be denied again. Well, I’m not taking this one lying down. Lol Partly lying down anyway. I plan to fight it all the way. I worked for 30 years as a nurse with two jobs (often) and overtime on a regular basis and yet I am denied my rights to the money I paid into the system. The system, the process, and the reasons for denial are really screwed up.

I’ve tried not to let this throw me into a flare but it did. It’s 430 am and I slept about an hour and a half and am in so much pain. It’s starting to wear me down emotionally as well. I am at my emotional and physical limit. I needed to talk to someone to let it out and maybe some of the pain will leave. I can hardly take care of myself some days. Ramen noodles are a staple food for me because I can’t even prepare a meal that requires me standing. I know, I know, I’m having what my sister calls a pity party. She is very supportive and lets me have one then tells me to pick myself up and keep fighting. Actually, both my sisters are so loving and supportive with all this. They are far away but we talk, text, and encourage each other often. I don’t think I could make this journey without them. Yes, it helps just to cry, pray, let it all out and then I can concentrate on getting better. So, today is my pity party and tomorrow I will be better, or at least I hope I will be better.

Hope is something that seems to come in short supply when you are chronically ill. Depression is something I struggle with daily because I was so very active. I was a superwoman and now I have to sit to shower, and then rest due to exhaustion. I am also plagued with the should haves in my life. I should be able to do more, I should clean my house, I should have a job, I should be normal. I had a friend tell me once to stop “shoulding” all over myself because it doesn’t do any good. It only brings us down. She was so right. I loved doing so many things and can’t be up long enough to do much of anything now. When I started this blog I was able to do more things than I can do today. The decline has been a steady one. Whoever said Fibromyalgia isn’t a progressive disease needs to talk to me. I can set them straight on a few things. Lol

There are some really good things in my too. It’s not all about the pity parties. The good things in my life are the love of my family and my faith. I spend a lot of time praying for others and just talking to God. It lifts me up, it makes me happy to know that I am not alone. I have Jesus right here with me even in the middle of the night. Every day, all day, he’s carrying me when my legs are numb, when I can’t walk, and when I think I’m at the end of my rope. It’s one of my joys in life. I know that one day there will be no more pain for me and I will rejoice. Until then I will keep on keeping on. One day at a time, one prayer at a time, and one obstacle at a time. That makes it manageable for me.

How do you cope with your illness? How do you find hope and comfort in times of pain both physical and emotional? I’d love to hear your story because there is always something to learn from each other.

Until my next post may God bless each one of you. Keep your chin up and keep pushing forward.



Is it Fibro, RA, or MS?


I was placed  on prednisone for another issue a few months back and it worked like a charm. I felt human again, walked better and actually felt better overall. The side effects were awful at that dose but I was a freaking rock star for 10 days. I had better quality of life, I was able to clean my house. I did laundry and I had energy to sew and craft again. It was so wonderful. Now it’s scary and I’m in a wait and see situation. If it works then it could be something more than Fibro. Currently I am waiting for the head MRI and it isn’t fun. It’s a real drag.

I’ve been placed on a low dose of prednisone and after only 3 days I can see a small difference. I’m scared beyond belief. My life may change to a worse prognosis if it is true. What will I do? How will I be able to live alone as I age? How bad can it get?  How will my life be on prednisone? How,  just how, about everything.

I need to talk with others with these other diseases that can give me information about the diseases and quality of life. How do you handle it all, manage it daily? How do you cope with the life changing diagnosis? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I’ve had such a decline in my life and quality of life. I have a hard time with the most simple tasks. My ability to walk has declined, my overall health has declined. My weight has gone up even with very little food intake. I’m kinda at the end of my emotional rollercoaster rope. I need answers, prayers, and advice.

If you have any of these diagnosis I would love to hear from you. I would love to connect and find out more about your medication regimens to keep you mobile. Heck, any information would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I’m in the dark right now. Waiting, wondering, and afraid and alone.

Now, this is the end of that pity party. I am on new meds = good. I already see changes = good. My quality of life is going to improve = good. The future is what it is and I can’t change that = ok. How I deal with these new changes are up to me. Time to pull up my big girl pants and deal with it.

My to do list; Thank God that I’m alive, and have a future no matter what it will be, and that it is a gift. Be thankful for everyday no matter what. There are many others that have it worse than me. Continue to find others in the same situation as myself and build relationships that are all positive and supportive. Continue to blog and educate others as I am educated.

I really like my new to do list. It gave me a plan, took away some of the fear, and it gave me a sense of purpose for my future. A plan is at least an action that is in my control and I will control what I can. I will pray about what I can’t control and life moment by moment. Just blogging about it helps get those thoughts and feelings out there. It’s cleansing and calming.

Take a moment to comment about your life or if you have a blog I would love to follow you. We are all in this together. Let’s stick together and get through this moment and go on.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my rantings, ramblings, and small little life . I truly appreciate your time. God bless each one of you!



Living Life One Day at a Time

It’s been ages since I took the time to post on this blog. So much has happened and I’ve been too discouraged, tired, sick, or just plain depressed to bother to write. I had forgotten that this is like therapy for me. It’s my place to talk openly about fibromyalgia, my safe space in this world of so many non believers.

Sometimes I can’t believe that I was once a non believer of this disease. My life forever changed because of it. I still struggle with those changes and the frustration it brings. I recently told my doctor that I live my life in thirty minute increments. It’s true. I set the alarm on my phone and as long as I stick to the routine of thirty minutes up at a time I can actually get some things done.

I am up for thirty minutes then down for thirty minutes. I have to strategically plan my day out and what is the most pressing things I need to accomplish. I then need to break those tasks into bite size pieces that can be managed in thirty minutes or less. I tackle one thing at a time, one day at a time. I feel more accomplished by the end of the day and if I’m having a bad day I just tell myself there is always tomorrow. This has been a real life saver for me. I no longer feel like I have to be everything to everyone. I just have to be true to myself and my body.

I also found a shower lifesaver. We all know how taxing it can be to shower, we end up exhausted afterwards, right? Well my daughter bought me some Epsom’s salt shower gel. I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV, but this stuff is good. We moved into a new house and it doesn’t have a tub. No problem now. I actually feel pretty good after a shower. I don’t know how it works but I have found that it indeed works for my body. It was and will continue to be the very best gift I have ever been given. I would love for you to try it and let me know what you think of it. It isn’t expensive at all, and I have seen some good results from it. Let me know in your comments your experience with Epsom’s salt products in general too.

I hated moving but am happy in our new little bitty house. I still have lots of stuff to give, sell, or throw away, but I see that as a good cleansing. It is going slow but it is at least going. Lol One day I will have an uncluttered home with only the essentials in it. I am actually excited about that part. Letting go of things is hard when you don’t have a lot of money. You feel as though if something is gone you might need it someday. I’m hoping that will not be the case. I am giving most of the things we don’t use away. I don’t have the time and energy to put into a yard sale. I am actually ok with letting a lot of things go. Other things are harder. I must try harder to do this so I have a nice home that I can be proud of and that I can keep clean easily.

I have even vowed to use the fabric that I have accumulated and have done well not bringing anything else into the house. I have vowed when I do bring in something, something else has to go out. It’s been working out well. I have a long way to go but small bite sizes don’t stress me out or make me upset. I have plans for the fabric and this week made a newborn skirt, did some applique on a onesie, bib, and burp cloth. It felt great to see the pink fabric being used in such a cute way.

I’ve been working on items for my Etsy shop and that makes me happy. Keychains, headbands, and embroidered onesies. I have over 60 items in my shop now. Just today I listed some things on a local Facebook group and got some orders. I even took in a pair of jeans for a neighbor to hem. I’m not setting the world on fire but I am making a little progress.

These are a few of the things I’ve been working on. They can be found in my shop on

That’s about all that’s new for me. Tell me what’s been going on with you. How do you handle housework and life with fibro? I would love more tips.

I won’t promise when I will be posting again this time. I do feel good about taking the time to tell you about my newest endeavors and hope to take time to do it again soon.

To all of us that live life in spoons, have a great day and may God Bless each of you.


2015 Review and Stuff

I think overall this has been one of the worst years of my life. It’s been a rough year physically and emotionally. I’ve had so many ups and downs I can’t even count them. I’ve tried to change many things to get better and most haven’t worked. It’s frustrating and infuriating. I am wanting to be normal so bad! I think I’ve adjusted at times then I realize I’m not adjusted. How does one adjust to being inefficient, tired, and painful all the time? Well, you don’t. You just take it one day at a time. If I don’t get it done today there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and there is more on my plate each day. I can’t in all honesty say that life is always terrible. It’s not. It’s just a struggle each and every day.

The daily struggle is what is most tiring. Get up, take meds, wait for meds to work, decide on what to tackle, break that into manageable pieces. Hot flash in the middle of chore, stop and rest, oops missed med, take med, wait for med to work, then start again. That is the life of a spooney. How do you spell that? spoony, spooney?

Anyway, I am a little better with cpap. I am not in pain ALL the time so I am able to do some things. I wake up each day in less pain so that’s a win. I will take any win I can get. One win at a time, right? Right! With that win I am able to do a little more and actually do a little crafting. I sometimes decide to craft instead of clean….I know……bad girl. Lol But I need a little sunshine in my day and any kind of crafting or sewing brings that sunshine. I feel normal when I craft, I forget the pain, I feel happy. I like happy.

I am getting things organized so slowly, but I’m making a little progress. Throwing things out, boxing things away and today I’m going to wrap presents and clean up for Christmas. Shopping yesterday was difficult in the bad weather but it is finally finished and I can concentrate on home, the holiday and being with my daughter. I’m looking forward to Christmas finally. It has taken me all month but the tree is up, and I get to have her on Christmas morning! I’m really excited about that part.   I am able to wake up earlier with the cpap so I’ll be able to get up with her and have Christmas Morning like most people do. It’s exciting.

The cpap has given me some hope of a better future. It’s not a solution but it’s a start on a life. I can do a little more than lay on the couch now. I want to just get up and do everything that has piled up over the last year but I know I can’t do that. I still have to break things down and do them at a snail’s pace. I can’t afford a flare right now. I can’t afford to go backwards again.  I’m afraid to go forward too fast also. Sometimes I’m just afraid.

It’s a difficult life to explain.  No one really, really understands unless they have endured the fatigue, and pain. The difficulty and anxiety that goes with fibromyalgia. There is so much I have lost to this, my job as a nurse. I miss this probably the most. I loved being a nurse. I did it for 30 years and would do it today if I could. Heck a job of any kind would be a welcome. I’m not able. Not yet. Maybe one day but maybe not. I don’t really know.  All I do know is today I got up and that is a blessing. I’m here for another day and I am going to try to make the most of it. I’m going to try to do things and try to move forward.

I think 2016 will be a better year. I pray for that. I pray that I find a place to live. I pray that I will get better and that others with this get better and find peace.

I want to take the time to thank the folks that follow my journey. I know this blog helps me to vent, to analyze what I am feeling and just getting those words out helps. It lifts me up, makes me thankful, and helps me continue on. I hope that it helps you to know you are not alone in your pain and struggle. I am planning to be more diligent in the coming year with the blog. I am hoping to post weekly and to keep up on pics and projects. Say a prayer for me and I will pray for you.  Leave a comment and yes I will pray for too.

Until my next blog, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless each and everyone of you!


CPAP, Chores, Clutter, and Fibro

So I had a sleep study and I flunked with flying colors. I’ve had the cpap now a week and I have to admit it is helping some with the pain. I am frustrated with getting used to wearing it and am fighting a stuffy nose mid way through the night. All in all I have to say that it will improve my quality of life if this first week is any indication. It is yet another journey I have to endure to try to get better. Trying to get better takes a lot of work and can and has consumed my life. Taking meds on time, getting refills, going to doctors and trying to be a mom.

I feel like I am failing at that last part. I’m exhausted all the time and have no stamina. I’m a push over because the unrest of fighting a teen will throw me into a flare. I’m letting myself get run over by a teen. I am going to stop, it may kill me but I’m not the maid, housekeeper, or slave labor that I have let myself become. I am going to put my foot down. Today, I start to change things. Today, I become a better role model for my child by not being a doormat anymore. Today, she needs to see that her help and contribution to this home is a necessity and no longer a luxury. I am not well and I need help with the household.

I have to admit that she does help to take care of me when I am not feeling well but past that she doesn’t do much helping. She is a wonderful and loving young woman but is taking advantage of my illness in order not to do chores. It frustrates me to no end. I am angry and hurt by it. I am fearful of losing her due to my divorce but I have got to be firm with her for her own good. The world is a hard place and it isn’t forgiving sometimes.

It’s not something I wanted to have to sit down and tell myself that I have to make a conscious effort to do. It’s not something that I ever thought I would have to say to myself. Part of getting better is having a better life. Better quality, a clean home to live in. An uncluttered safe haven from the world. The clutter is the worst. It drives me crazy. I am a clutter stacker and living with another one is stressing me out. Funny how you just look up one day and realize all this. So I’m going to get up and start cleaning on my own clutter and then we do some cleaning together.

Wish me luck….How do you handle your kids, household chores, clutter and your illness. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Have a blessed day,


Terrible about keeping up with the blog

I have to apologize to all of you. I haven’t kept up with sewing or blogging like I should have. I have continued on an up and down ride with this thing called Fibro. It’s difficult to post. It’s difficult to talk about. It’s difficult to live sometimes. No, I’m not in a severe depression it’s just how it is with a chronic illness. I have about 1 to 3 hours a day that I am good and that’s on a good day. I have days that I don’t function at all. I haven’t been writing because it’s all the same song just a different day. Let’s be realistic, we all want something funny and happy to read. I don’t have that. I can’t find that in my life. I can find some small change that helps for a few days but then life goes back to sucking again. But maybe that’s not the big picture, I have a bigger picture that is brighter and not so depressing. I have to take the time to look closer.

The one thing I did this week was make a sewing machine cover. That was joyful. It took me two days to do it but I love how it is turning out. I do love my serger that I got from a friend too, everything looks so professional with finished seams. Sewing brings me such joy.  All I need to do now is hem the bottom and my lovely machine will no longer get dusty. I’m going to do that today…..after my meds. Then I might get started on a cover for my serger. It’s really dusty where I live so dust covers are a necessity. OMG, I am doing some fun things! Last week I started a sweatshirt refashion to a peplum top. Originally, for myself but my daughter wants it. That made me happy, so off to seam ripping so I can take it in and shorten it for her. I will be sure to post pics of these when I blog next.  I promise.

I also got the best birthday gift ever… a new bedspread from my sister. A beautiful teal color and it lights up my bedroom.  Yes, I’ll add that picture too. LOL

I am more blessed than ever. I sometimes don’t realize it until I get to writing about it. I may think things suck but in reality they don’t. They are just stumbling blocks in my life. Things that get in the way of the sunshine. Today, I am so happy to have pushed those things to the side so that I can see the sunshine. The blessings in my life. The people that love me, support me, and help me to smile.

I encourage all of you to take time to push the clouds away and see what blessings are really there for you. They hide behind chronic pain. A few hours of sewing or whatever brings you joy. Look closely and you will see some wonderful things. Take the small things and let them shine. Chronic pain takes too much away, learn to live in the moment, with the small things. I think that can be the difference between depression and living. I want to live and if it has to be about the small things then I am good with that.

What brings joy to you in spite of your chronic illness? I’d love to hear from you. Until then, I hope each of you have a blessed day!


A Fibromyalgia Rollercoaster

My life has been a rollercoaster of confusion and more sickness than I could have ever imagined since I last posted. I have had a serotonin overdose then severe withdrawals from Cymbalta and finally on my way to another recovery. I was placed back on the original dose of Cymbalta but other meds were reduced or eliminated. I thought I was dying for weeks. I was reduced to using a walker just to get around the house. I feel like I’ve been to hell and back and now I have to find a way up and out of this hole of illness.

It’s amazing how much my body and mind has gone through. I have not had the energy to sew, or take care of myself. I’ve hardly been able to function for so long and remain weak. I’m scared and discouraged. I’m fed up with not feeling well. Being weak and unable to do even the things I could do two months ago. I struggle to get out of bed and then only make it to the couch. I spend most of my day there, without the energy to make the calls that are needed or to do the things that need doing. I’m able to have good days where I find energy to do chores for fifteen minutes at a time. Folding and hanging clothes will wear me out. Showering exhausts me for the entire day. I  am at one of my lowest points physically. Mentally I am tired and weak also.

I have been tracking my symptoms for about a month now. I can’t see an improvement. Just the status quoi. I keep thinking I will be better tomorrow. Tomorrow I will have the energy to do more after a good nights sleep. It doesn’t happen. Good sleep doesn’t happen, I wake as tired and weak as the day before. Tremors, swallowing problems and muscle spasms are my newest symptoms. I’m going to be seen for sleep apnea in a week or two and then I am going to see a neurologist. I’m not sure what the answers are.

I do know that I need help. I need to get better. I want to get better. I want to sew, craft, and I so miss painting. At this point I just miss being able to run a household normally.

I know all of this sounds like a pity party. I guess it is but it’s a way to vent those fears and symptoms and get them out in the open. To say the things out loud. A way to get it off my chest. A way to connect with others in the same situation.

I would like to know if the new symptoms are anything that anyone else has had? Is it medication induced? Is it Fibromyalgia? Is it a neurological problem? Do any of you have the same symptoms and are you also on Cymbalta?

You know I always like to leave with a positive note. This one is Magnesium Lotion. It has been my savior. I used it some in the past but lately I practically bathe in it. It helps with the foot burning and seems to work with overall pain control. Give it a try. I have used expensive and inexpensive ones and so far I am not seeing a big difference in brands. I was also able to get a 10 minute massage and for two whole days I felt less pain and less weak. I may need to call and get another one. Maybe that’s one answer to the never ending questions. How has massage helped you?

Have a blessed day,


Catching up on life and this blog

I know it’s been what seems like forever since I was here. Don’t fret….I won’t abandon my blog. I love it too much. I love talking to you about life, and how Fibromyalgia effects my life. I hope that I can help someone feel that they are not alone in this, and we can have a life with this disease. So, let’s get caught up!

I took a wonderful/awful trip across the other side of the U.S. to see my family. I was so happy to spend time with them. The trip was the awful part though. Flying with fibromyalgia is extremely difficult. The airport walking, the altitude changes, the stress of it all can bring on a flare. It did with me!

I looked terrible when I got off the plane and my sisters saw the “real me” for the first time. Staying with them exposed all that I had been trying to hide for so long. It was a tearful time when I had to use a walker in the morning. My sister made me use it. I didn’t want to, it felt like I was losing the battle. I changed my mind. It helped a great deal actually. But, they finally saw how disabled I really am. I hated it! I didn’t want them to see me like that. I know, it was pure pride. They understood, helped me in so many ways and it felt good to have someone else in my corner rooting me on. I have extra support now. They are able to see it and comfort me but help me continue to be independent and positive. It was a huge weight off my shoulders when I let go of my pride and let them into my world of pain.

They helped me to see that I may have changed but I can use things like a walker when I get bad and I have an adapted life, not an ended life. Sometimes it feels like our lives have ended when we have a flare or we can’t walk, shower, or function without assistance, doesn’t it? I realized those things we use just make our lives different but not ended. I use a scooter in large stores when shopping and when going places like a fair. I now use a walker when I am having a bad day. I sit on a stool when I am cooking or doing dishes. I sit to fold and hang laundry. I sit to shower and all of these things enhance my life. They make my quality of life better by reserving energy. I am accepting the changes and understanding the conservation of energy in those areas free up energy to do things with my daughter. I might be able to sew instead of having to sit or lie down to replenish my body’s energy supply. I think those are good reasons to adapt, don’t you?

I learned on my return flight to use the disabled couriers with wheelchairs to take me to my next flight gait. The help they gave me was needed. I am thrilled that the airlines have that! If you have never used those it is time to do it. The long walk from airline gate to gate can kill a normal person, for us it is debilitating. They also helped me with my luggage at the end of my flight. The agents helped me get a window seat so I could lean over to sleep on the flight too. There is early boarding with a walker, and all of the employees were super nice. I flew on American Airlines and will fly with them again due to the services they provide. It was a blessing to have the help and the kindness.

It seemed the changes in altitude flying threw me into a flare. Does this happen to anyone else? It seems the lower altitude of a city decreases my pain. I would really love some feedback on this one. I live in the mountains at 4200 feet above sea level but when I see family at 800 feet above sea level I am less painful, the changes in the barometric pressure doesn’t cause as much pain as when I am at home either.

Whew! So many things to say and so many questions for those with Fibro. I am  excited to hear the feed back on the questions and thank you in advance. I hope you all have a pain free and blessed day!


Simplicity Pattern 1374 Review

I chose to sew this swimsuit for my teen daughter. I chose view A for the top with a halter top and shirring down each side I also chose view D for the bottoms with a high waist and shirring on each sides.


The swimsuit had a lining for top and bottom but no bra foam for modesty. In my limited sewing experience it was a challenge to place modesty cups in the lining without them showing threw the shirring of the bra. I did figure out a way to do it. It isn’t great but it works and the cups can’t be seen when the suit is wet. I temporarily gathered the lining and placed the foam cups on it. I then did a simple zig zag stitch to hold in place. I then placed the outer material with the lining and did the gathers. I placed the outer gathers as close as I could to the inner ones.  I wish this pattern had additional instructions for adding a modesty cup. Some of the swimsuit fabric is quite thin and shows everything through it. Not really what you want for your young teen, in my opinion.  These are the pics of the cups and outside. Don’t look too close or you will see all those mistakes a novice like me makes. LOL


I learned so much with this pattern. The lighter weight swimsuit fabric was nice to sew with but very slippery. I did use a stretch needle and finished my seams on the serger.  Doing the shirring on the bodice was tricky due to the gathers being inside the seam. I struggled some but got the job done. The instructions for the in seam gathers were somewhat confusing to me since I am a novice. I should have slowed down but I was more concerned with the cups I think.

The side seams on the lower portion of the bodice also caused me some confusion. The elastic is placed on the seam to pull the fabric up. It was harder to do since once again, I didn’t slow down and searged the seams prior to adding the elastic. One of the many things I learned with this pattern. Place the elastic on the seam then serge in place. Here are some more shots of the top.


Not too bad, but a pucker or two here and there that I would like to avoid on my next attempt with this pattern. I had to zig zag twice around the elastic on the top of the bodice as well as around the elastic on the bottoms. I learned that if the elastic isn’t covered by the zig zag it will roll out. I made two rows of stitching and it turned out looking like decorative stitching so no picking out seams. Yay!

Gathering the bottoms did go a bit smoother but slow.


Overall I liked this pattern and learned to sew with very slick fabric, and to use a stretch needle. I don’t have the courage yet to try a twin stretch needle on a swimsuit. I am slowly building up to that. Placing elastic around the busts, waist and legs of a garment is getting easier and I did not stretch out the fabric this time. I stuck with a standard zig zag. The issue this time was a too narrow zig zag.( Make sure the elastic bottom is inside the zig zag stitch or it will roll out on lightweight fabrics.)

I feel I am learning so much with each garment that I make and I am truly becoming addicted to sewing clothing. I love that I can fit the garment so that it is more flattering than ready to wear clothes. I have a lot to learn but I am gathering fabrics and patterns to continue to make. I am hemming and altering clothing to fit my teen better as well as myself. It’s a great feeling!

Tell me what patterns gave you the sewing bug? How much fabric do you have pilled up waiting for that perfect garment? I would show you but….it’s very, very unorganized right now. Let me know your thoughts on sewing swimsuits?  Are swimsuits easy for you, or kind of difficult when you first started? I would love to hear your horror stories as a novice.

Have a blessed day, and thanks for following me.


I’m Not Cured

As you know I am exercising in water now. I felt great, so great that I increased my exercise regimen. Well that was a real bust! You know those people that think if one is good five must be better? Well, that is me. I added in more lower body exercises and then upper body exercises. Let me give you some advice. Don’t go too fast with your exercises. I proceeded to throw myself into a fabulous fibro flare. It’s been about a week and I am just starting to feel better, but not back to my baseline.

The water was warm and my muscles relaxed so I thought (believed) I was not doing any damage when I added more exercises. It was easy to do because the water gave me a false feeling of no pain.  It gave me the weightless energy and I thought I was on my way to recovery and maybe even a cure. I was wrong. I am not cured, I am better but exercise won’t make the evil of fibromyalgia disappear. You will still wake up with fibro. You will still need to use the spoon theory to plan your life. I got really sad when I realized this. I think I had hoped for a miracle with exercise. I had hoped to walk to do grocery shopping, to have the energy to clean and organize my home and my life. Instead I put myself back by weeks with this flare. I’m so disappointed. I wanted a cure. I wanted to be well again. I am not.

It’s not all bad news. I did lose a few pounds in two or three weeks. Not much but, it is a start. Now, time to start again. I have to start at ground zero with my exercises. Just a few. Then I will work up to more very, very slowly. I will stop at only a few exercises. I will wait at least one day between exercises. I will not over do it again. I will not see exercise as a cure but a road to a better quality of life. Less pain, more movement, but not a cure.

I desperately want a cure. I want my old life back. I am having to give up so many things that I love and enjoy in life because of fibromyalgia. I know there is no cure, only symptom management. I am thankful for what exercise can help me with but my definition of exercise is very different than a “normal” person’s view of exercise is. My exercise is 20 leg lifts on each side and in the front. Twenty sit ups and that is the most I can do. Even that is pushing it. My upper body exercises will be a different day and that will be twenty sit ups, and twenty side to side twists. That’s all….no more. My upper body doesn’t relax well so I have to take it even slower than my lower body. Then, I stretch again (stretching before exercise and after) and sit in the warm water to let my muscles relax and hopefully this won’t send me into a flare.

Wish me luck and do take my advice. Start slower than this if you are just starting water exercises. Do the stretches and only one set of 5 of one of the exercises. Then build on that. Go slow, very slow.

I didn’t find a cure. Exercise won’t cure any of us. Just hope that we can do a little more activity and use a few less spoons each day. Don’t give up, I’m not giving up, but I am reassessing how hard to push myself. I will be going much easier on myself.

Have a blessed day!